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Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Thank You to PowerSportsFactory

I really wish I could find an excuse to get to New Jersey and meet the fine folks at PowerSportsFactory, specifically the VP there, Alan Leson. I owe Alan a beer or two or three! Every time I have a question or problem with my Phantom scooter, a phone call or an email to PSF gets me going in a new direction with good advice or the parts I need sent out with a minimum of delay.

Today I emailed Alan about my ongoing carburetor issues after I got everything back together yesterday morning. After a couple of email question from Alan about the steps I had taken, he suggested that I probably have some fuel paths too small to clean through my admittedly, shade-tree methods and recommended that a new carburetor was in order. I agreed to go with Alan's suggestion and already this afternoon, I have a UPS tracking number.

That is really good service and its typical of the service I have received from PSF for more than a year now. If you are scooter shopping or have scooter questions, I really recommend that you click that PowerSportsFactory link over there in the sidebar. You will get straight answers and honest treatment.

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